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Atana Musandam -A Brand New Experience in Omani Hospitality

Atana Hotels, Oman’s very own hospitality brand is now welcoming local and international tourists to the newly opened Atana Musandam Hotel – during the soft opening-to experience Oman’s rich heritage in the stunning surroundings of the Musandam peninsula. An all-new destination, Atana Musandam promises to provide Omani families and touristswith an authentic experience of Omani’s style, spirit and character by delivering world class levels of hospitality and personal service.

Oman’s Tourism Development Company, Omran has played a pivotal role in developing the local tourism infrastructure, by investing in projects and managing hospitality assets within the Sultanate, while laying the groundwork for the formation of the Atana Hotels brand under the umbrella of the National Omani Hospitality Company (NOHC), an Omran subsidiary.

Delivering on the Government’s vision of tourism being a major economic driver of the future, Omran’s role in growing capacity within the tourism sector helps to diversify and strengthen the national economy while providing enhanced employment opportunities for citizens and providing downstream social and economic benefits for the local community.

After opening its doors to local and international tourists, Atana Musandam has quickly become a popular destination for visitors to Musandam. Atana is the Sultanate’s first ‘home grown’hospitality chain and its flagship concept is based on offering visitors an authentic Omani experience.Since the soft opening of the property in April 2014, the hotelhas witnessed a rapid uptake of visitor enquiries and bookings from within the Sultanate and throughout the region.

Pascal Eppink, Managing Director of Atana Hotels commented, “It is a central theme of the Atana promise that we guarantee our guests experience tranquility in the setting of the natural beauty of Musandam, while soaking up the best of Omani hospitality. We have been very pleased to reach an all-time high with 100 per cent occupancy during the extended Eid al Fitr holidays at both Atana Khasab and Musandam, and it is very heartening for us to see the increasing interest in our properties and offerings.”

“A very large number of guests from Oman, the GCC and beyond have been travelling to the north of the Sultanate to experience beauty and tranquility of the Musandam peninsula. We encourage travelers, both local and international to visit Atana Musandam to experience a new dimension of world-class Omani hospitality.” he added.
The core vision which underscores Atana Musandam was to cater to the increasing demand for domestic tourism within the Sultanate. The convenient location of the hotel, with its proximity to the airport and Khasab port, in addition to the property being a ‘dry hotel’ ensures that it is the perfect choice for families to spend weekends and holidays away from the hustle of city life.

Atana Musandam is the place to relax with your family and explore all that the breath taking Musandam peninsula has to offer. The property has been designed in the style of a traditional Omani family house, combining aspects of our rich heritage with all the elements that create a special destination where you can relax, explore or just celebrate family time. The Atana Musandam provides quality, affordable accommodation for visitors to one of the most beautiful parts of Oman. The resort features retail facilities, an all-day restaurant, lounge, fitness centre, kid’s club, two swimming pools.