Omran Press Releases

Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran) hosted a bazaar at the company’s headquarters to display and promote ‘Masarra’ rural women’s’ home made products to company’s staff and visitors.

Last year Omran launched the ‘Masarra’ brand as part of their CSR initiatives in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, with the aim to help promote the products of rural women.

The Ministry recently launched the Masarra’s marketing program in a ceremony that took place in Golden Tulip Nizwa under the auspices of HE Dr. Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Sadi governor of Ad Dakhiliyah that introduced a variety of home grown and home made products by local women in Ad Dakhaliyah Governorate.

The bazaar witnessed great interest and interaction from the staff and visitors to buy and support some of ‘Masarra’ products including: honey, molasses, spices, rose water, jam, pickles and other home grown and home made products of local women from the Interior region.

The initiative comes as part of Omran’s continuous efforts to encourage its staff to learn more about home made products and provide the local women an opportunity to introduce and sell their products in the market.

Laila Al Shukaili, one of the participants in the bazaar said that ‘Masarra’ helped promote and motivate local women to enter the local markets in order to compete and introduce their products to consumers in the Sultanate.

“The Bazaar is a good exercise to put all the training provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in practice and help market our products to the consumers. This enables us to exhibit and market our products while developing the necessary skills required.”

She added: "We have attended numerous courses organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries about methods of preparing and presenting of our products on the market the correct way. This has had a significant impact in refining our skills and helps ensure the sustainability of the these products and ‘Masarra’ brand”

Rural women product development supervisor Zahra Al Abri, from Agricultural Development Department (MAF) in Wilayat Al Hamra said “The ‘Masarra’ brand launched by Omran helped assembling and packaging the various home made products from the Ad Dakhiliya Governorate and market these products in domestic markets as well as other regional and international markets in the future."

Engineer Abdul Wahid Al Farsi Acting Chief Communications Officer of Omran said that the company is pleased to see the development of the program “Its great to see the development of the brand since its launch last year. I was overwhelmed with the variety of products that were presented in the Bazaar."

He added: ‘Masarra’ comes part of our commitment in providing the necessary support to the local families and help promote their high quality and natural preservative-free food products. The project helps enhance the income of producers and helps play a positive and effective role in empowering the business skills of rural women in the Sultanate.”