Omran Press Releases

Omran Board Meets in Al Jabal Al Akhdar

The Oman Tourism Development Company SAOC (Omran) held last Thursday its second meeting this year in al Jabal al Akhdar. The meeting was presided over by His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Masoud Al Sunaidi and was attended by their Excellencies members of the Omran board of directors.

The meeting discussed the company’s portfolio and investment opportunities in various projects related to the tourism sector, including joint-ventures with the pension funds and other investors. It also discussed various topics related to the re-setting the organizational structure of the company to suit the new missions it has been assigned. They also reviewed the organizational re-structure prepared by ‘Bain & Company’.

The board of directors also approved the governance law of the company, and reviewed proposals from companies to established and manage hotel facilities in Oman, and operate heritage-related projects as well as provide consultation services to future projects to be executed by Omran.

Moreover, the meeting reviewed the proposals presented by consulting companies for the “Hai Al Irfan” project, and discussed the results of tenders for the G. W. Marriot Hotel at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre.