About Omran

Omran drives the investment, growth and development of the rapidly growing tourism sector in the Sultanate of Oman. We are the master developer of major tourism, heritage and urban developments, delivering some of nation’s most iconic projects. We create new destinations and unique experiences that benefit the social and economic growth of the Sultanate. Omran was established by Government mandate in 2005 in line with the vision to strengthen and diversify the economy, and we achieve this by growing the capacity, scope and potential of the tourism sector in Oman.


Our portfolio of projects, asset management expertise and investment experience embraces the unique aspects of Oman’s culture and heritage, while safeguarding the natural beauty of the country for the future generations. The Sultanate of Oman is blessed with all the elements to support the rapidly growing tourism sector, offering stunning vistas and a rich cultural heritage. As a peaceful and unique destination, regional and global interest in Oman as a tourist destination continues to gain momentum.

We have a proven track record of delivering tourism and related projects to a world-class standard, due to our core philosophy of sustainability, transparency and partnering with renowned regional and international investors. Importantly, by working in close collaboration with our own communities, as well as the public and private sector, sustainability is built into every project.

Operating Review

Operating Review

Omran’s pivotal role in developing tourism infrastructure, investing in tourism enterprises, and managing hospitality assets within the Sultanate has continued to evolve year-on-year. The aim of the Omran Annual Operating Review is to provide our stakeholders with a transparent and comprehensive progress report on the projects under development, investment and management, and how the organisation is developing internally. At the same time, using a triple bottom line approach, we try to show how, as a responsible developer, Omran’s projects and initiatives have empowered our communities. The following pages aim to present a clear exposition of 2013.

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