Omran Press Releases

Over 30 trainees get in-depth experience at Omran and leading flagship tourism projects

Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran) received 34 trainees in just the first half of this year; including current students and graduates from various higher education institutions in the Sultanate.

The Omran Internship Program was developed from the Company’s training strategy with the objective of accommodating local talent at the company and its projects and empowering them with the required skills and knowledge to effectively contribute to the labour market.

The objective is to help Introduce students to real life work environment and key upcoming mega projects by Omran, where they can benefit from have site visits and interact with industry professional and project manager and help aware the interns about the emerging specialties required in the real estate industry while introducing senior year students to potential employers.

The training programs come as part of the company’s commitment in prepping their trainees to be successful can only be effectively achieved through face-to-face and direct interaction with the Company’s staff across all departments.

The program comprises of talented students and graduates from a number of prestigious colleges and universities across the Sultanate, including Sultan Qaboos University, Higher College of Technology, Caledonian College of Engineering, German University of Technology Oman and other institutions. The trainees were specialised in various different majors including tourism, engineering, public relations and media.

The upcoming iconic project, Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre (OCEC) developed one of the key training programs for the year. The project’s team organised an Engineering Mentoring Program for local young engineers that accommodated14 trainees for a minimum of 6 weeks over the summer break. The Engineering students entered from various fields including civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, Information & Communications Technology-ICT, and more. This first of its kind mentoring program gives participants the opportunity to actively engage in the iconic large-scale OCEC project undertaken by Omran.

They were exposed first-hand to day-to-day tasks covering diverse topics such as project management, cost management, environment sustainability and communication. Apprentices also attended weekly seminars. Experienced Omran staff, as well as engineers and specialists in each field mentored the trainees during every level of the training.
According to Engineer, Ali Bin Nasser Al Rasbi, Omran’s Chief Operating Officer, the training program falls under the company’s long term commitment to local youth development: “The youth of our nation and their empowerment through training strategies, is beneficial to the country as a whole. Our programs have been incredibly successful and we have as a result, witnessed an increase in the number of trainees in the first half of this year. Participants have benefited from comprehensive and intensive training programs within our inclusive training plan, covering the company’s head office as well as major construction projects such the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre.”

“Our staff is very welcoming and enthusiastically took part in this training program. They shared their time and experiences with the trainees, and demonstrated the company’s commitment towards investing in Omani talent as part of its contribution to the future of the Sultanate. While some of the more enthusiastic participants got their training programs extended, others worked on temporary contracts based on the vacancies, either in Omran’s offices or with our consultants and contractors.”

He added: “The interns are trained at various levels and this holistic program helps sharpen their skills, making them competent and productive in each field. The trainees get the opportunity to engage in the company’s operational, constructional and commercial processes, as well as receive constant guidance and mentorship from experienced Omran staff, project consultants and contactors. This helps enhance their self-confidence, encouraging them to take on more challenging initiatives and be an asset to their organisation. Such training also provides them a wider scope of potential career opportunities across various industries.