An Authentic Omani brand

The Arabic name ‘Atana’ which translates as “Came to us” is a first of its kind Omani hotel brand that blends age-old local traditions with contemporary culture.

Run by Omran’s subsidiary, the National Omani Hospitality Company LLC, Atana operates two hotels that mark their presence in the northern tip of the Musandam peninsula; Atana Musandam and Atana Khasab. The brand offers relaxing environments with Omani inspired lifestyle concepts and an authentic guest experiences. During the development of Atana Musandam, Omran channeled over 12million Omani Riyals to local contractors and suppliers for the design and construction

of the resort, through which 15% of the total value was delivered by local subcontractors within Musandam governorate and the unique brand was created by Omani SMEs and local talent. Atana Hotels aim to celebrate the diversity and integrity of the country and its people, enabling guests to explore a genuine Omani hospitality experience that has been designed and executed to extraordinary quality standards.