Omran places great emphasis on sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism projects preserve and emphasize Oman’s unique traditional integrity and cultural values while perfectly complementing its natural beauty. As such, sustainability is an integral part of the Omran business model. Focusing on sustainable development has become a fundamental component in the drive to balance the fulfilment of human needs with the protection of the natural environment.

Sustainability Framework

Omran has an established Sustainability Framework focusing on four core areas; the Economy, Society, Environment and Cultural Heritage. This means that the Company is mandated with building sustainable tourism infrastructure that will contribute to economic growth, in addition to providing employment to the

local people and support communities. The sustainability framework requires us to provide safe and secure working environments as well as being committed to minimising the environment impact of developments.



sustainability graphic

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

In 2015 we evaluated the impact on stakeholders, identified ways to improve performance, and enhance our CSR programmes using the principles-based method for measuring extra-financial value - SROI.

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